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The Eastside Journal did a story on me: 
Michael is a computer consultant specializing in Windows and Multi-Media applications. He also writes video games such as Pentode(TM), 
and Go For the Gold(R) and commerial software such as Ham University
He just finished a contract designing word games for Microsoft Online Games. His games WordHai (R), Jotto, and Chains will be featured as part of the MSN - Mind Aerobics daily puzzles starting in November 1997.
Previously he was working on Microsoft Bookshelf and
Before that he worked at the late Splash in Redmond, WA on the interactive movie Piper.
The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain from Sierra On-Line includes my game PENTODE (R). and this product I am happy to say, is still doing extremely well..
Click here for Some "Easter Eggs" for Microsoft Windows.
Here is the first newspaper story about Microsoft
"The Road to Bed" -- A spoof about the future.
"The Unknowable Truth" -- A Science Fiction Short Story.
Interested in bicycle training?
Here's the RacerMate training system I helped design
now completely updated by Jim Sachs:
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