The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

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Again in Consumer Reports (November 96): See under Best Buy Gifts (page 9).

"If you want to challenge and test your brain, The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is definitely the game for you. And it isn't just for young kids" -- Evan Rigterink
Quoted in "Consumer Reports" -- December 1995 (page 764)
"Dr. Brain series has been among the most successful at presenting pure problem-solving skills." (page 767) under RATINGS Kid's Software where it was the top-rated game.

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain won the SPA (Software Publishers Association) award for "The Best Home Learning Game for Adolescents" -- well done Dr. Brain.

Title screen/credits

Selecting a part of the brain to restore

Playing PENTODE tm -- one of the eleven puzzles

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is published by Sierra-Online

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