Hometown Heroes:

--- Local Bands - Gone National ---


Willis, Super Deluxe, Muzzle,

7 Year Bitch,

The Fastbacks, Screaming Trees,

and  The Presidents of the United States of America.  


Seattle's answer to the Dave MathewsBand. Willis' blend of acoustic and synthasized music has quickly gained then noteriety among Seattle's Deadheads. Their smooth grooves gained the attention of Capitol Records who recently signed them on.

-- Super Deluxe --

In the past they have toured with the Presidents of the USA. The Rocket calls them "a veritable Battlestar Galactica of pop." If you like Pop music, you will love Super Deluxe. Their song "Famous" topped the Seattle charts the summer of 1995. Subsequently they were picked up by Giant/Revolution Records, which moved them into the national spotlight! They have now released two full length albums entitled Famous and Via Satellite. 

Here are some pictures of the lead singer, Braden Blake. 

~Move over bacon, here's some rare photos of Super Deluxe~ 

Chris Ballew introducing Braden Blake on New Years Day, 1996. 

This group recently signed to Reprise records, just in time for their first album entitled Betty Pickup. Thanks to Burt (the drummer) I was able to attend their marvelous CD release party at the Re-Bar in Seattle. Here are some beautiful photos from their CD release party as well as a Photo I took of some Muzzle fans at End Fest '95.


Die hard Muzzle fans showing off their autographed stickers. 


--- 7 Year Bitch ---

Featured in the movie Mad Love, this band has been a Seattle legend for a long time. Their style of Riot Grrrl Punk is a guaranteed sell-out at any club. I shot four rolls at their KISW Pain in the Grass show. Almost all the pictures were ruined by the darkroom chemicals. Only one picture survived, quite a good one I might add.


Seline screams into the microphone during a free show in the summer of 1995.

(11/15/97 - Rumor has it that this band is on the verge of breakup)

The Fastbacks

If you haven't discovered the Fastbacks yet, now is the time to do so!

Kurt Blotch

Kim Warnick
Kim WarnickKim Warnick

Lulu Gargilou

  Kurt Blotch

The Fatsbacks


Bumbershoot '97

Lulu Gargilou
Classic Rock Star Photo
Kurt and Kim
Formed in 1979 this group has inspired two generations of Seattle musicians.  Thier trademark pop-punk has caught the ears of some Seattle's biggest stars.  Over the 17 years The Fastbacks have gone through an incredible amount of drummers (try 15).  In this extrodinary amount of time the three leads Kurt, Kim, and Lulu continue to plug away with new albums and new drummers.  Yet the most extrodinary thing about the Fastbacks is their stage pressence.  These guys rock like there is no tommorow.  I can't say I've seen many bands that still put on a super-charged performance every time they paly.  They trully are the most rockin band in Seattle.

Screaming  Trees 

 Mark Lanegan and company played to a huge crowd at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Wa. After hassling with their lawyer I was allowed to take pictures and put them up on here. 


Mark strikes the classic rock star pose. 

Mark left after the ten song set, leaving the Trees to do without him for a song or two. They rocked, kicking out two intense songs and a 3 song encore. The show ended with guitarist Gary Conner doing a full on somersault into the crowd with his guitar on. 

Overall the Trees  put on a pretty sweet show. 


Gary's guitar rifts whip the crowd into a frenzy. 

  Mark sang quick and quiet. Not what I expected at all. 


The Presidents of the United States of America

The Presidents were one of the hottest new groups in the Alternative scene. I have had the pleasure of working with them several times. I like these guys because they jump around a lot and generally have fun on stage.  This is more than I can say for most bads who just kind of sit there and do nothing.  These guys make great photos. Here are some shots I got at the Moore Theatre way back in October of 1995.  

Here are the band members.....

This is Chris, the lead singer. He writes all the songs and plays a 2 string guitar.  


On with the show... 


Here are my 2 favorite photos of the band.  

Caught in the act, Chris and Dave have some fun on-stage. 


Photos From The Edge: Waterproof up to 300 Meters. 

Tired of the same old Grunge? Try Seattle's more Mellow side.

"Everything you Wanted to Know about Seattle Area Bands, but were Afraid to Ask." 

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