PunK RocK

Seattle has created it's own PunK scene, maybe as a protest to the "grunge" movement. Whatever the reason PunKseems to be alive and well. Helping out is Outcast Records, which produces just about all of the local PunKbands. Others such as Melvins, SuperSuckers, SicKo, and Dancing French Liberals of '48 favor other labels.















What can I say about these urban legends? They ROCK!! The band that gave Kurt Cobain his first break (see the movie "Hype" for details) is still around and still rocking. Last October these guys played to a sold-out crowd at the RKCNDY (all-ages club until it's remodled). Their amazing show proved to the audience that The Melvins live up to every part of their legendary carrer.


The bad boys of rock have nothing compared to the ever deviant super singer Eddie Spagetti. Eddie and the band are straight out of the depths of hell. Their hard driving country/blues/punk rips any stereo system to pieces. Now imagine how well they would tear up your local venue. Thier on tour, so you may get that chance. In the meantime here are some pictures of Eddie proving he is a master of the long lost art of perfomace rock.


¡TchKunG! is an experimental tribal/gothic/industrial musical group with a sharp political message.  Combining a couple of oil barrels, some percusionists, drums, electric bass, violin, and a didgeridoo this band creates a massive unmistakable sound that you can hear as well as feel.  In addition to the music ¡TchKunG! has a wide aray of performance artists accompany them, making the show an incredible aray of visual and musical talent.

¡TchKunG! has a CD out called Post World Handbook, which RoCkS!

This Pop-Punk trio out of Seattle strive for greatness. Thier songs aren't top 40, but they sure draw a crowd wherever they go. They have played all over the world and yet they still stick with their Seattle roots. I haven't seen them recently but they still play, living up to the needs of their fans with small local shows. These photos were taken in 1995 when they opened for (I forgot the bands name).

Ean hangs out before the show...


A punk girl trio signed locally on the Kill Rock Stars label, hit big with their debut album "Call the Doctor". It was named the best local album by The Rocket and was in the top ten of Rolling Stone. Slater-Kinney is poised to follow up on the success of their debut album, after touring for a while, they went back to the studio to record their new album. The new album "Dig Me Out" shows that this band is poised on the road to sucsess. These photos were shot during their show at the Midnight Sun in Olympia, Wa.

66 Saints

Bands in Seattle come and go, much like any music scene. 66 Saints was one of the ones taht didn't make it. They folded into many seperate parts, by doing so they became another stone in Seattle's long musical pathway.

The talented Lisa Orth (now serves as Art Director for The Stranger.)

This Portland based band plays a hard driving rock/punk sound. They are known for their wild on-stage antics. These include fire breathers, jumping into the crowd, and tumbling over each others insturments. I haven't seen them recently, but I'm sure their still playing. With a name like that it's hard not to notice them.

Los Hornets

These guys play Rockibilly, which is a branch off of punk. It has more of a country influence to it. The best mainsteram example of this style is The Reverend Horton Heat. Much like rock, bands vary into more one side of music than other. Some rockabilly bands venture more into country while others like Los Hornets are heavily Punk influenced. There are a few Rockabilly bands in Seattle, but not enough to create a full-fleged scene.

Check out the awsome Stand-Up Bass action.

I hope to get more pictures up as I take them. In the meantime here are some options to check out:

Itching burning rash? Try some of Seattle's Mellow bands.

Seattle Hardcore the strongest medicine you can buy without a perscription.

8 out of 10 Doctors recommend Hometown Heroes for tough headaches.

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